September 26, 2010

His All, His Most, His Best

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One day the world I gazed upon
Were living life as Kings
My heart was set to own anon
A portion of their things.

They seemed to have God’s blessings when
I struggled meagerly
I whispered to my soul within
“How vain my life must be.”

A thus my heart was grieved to tears
My feet were almost gone.
My calculated worth drew fears
That grew very strong.

And then I heard a trumpet sound
The voice of Gospels ring-
My spirit lifted from the ground
My heart began to sing.

My feet were straightened on the path
The light was bright again
Refreshing times replaced the wrath
Like sun replaces rain.

I studied long, I sought God’s face
The Truth I should defend
I went into His Holy place
Then understood their end.

Their ways of lust and calloused greed
And hearts of selfish pride
Will lead their souls to where they feed
And leave unsatisfied.

Destruction lies before their door
Their lives a carousel
The ways of darkness they implore
Will lead to burning hell.

But God’s the strength of heart & soul
When failure looms so near
He’s a faithful guide when in control
He’s patient and so dear.

So now when looking at the world
I’m humbled in my place
For God my Father has unfurled
The wisdom of His grace.

And I can stand so thankfully
With inner peace and rest
And know for sure God’s given me
His all, His most, His best.

………………………Rodney Roberts


September 23, 2010

I Watch the Wind

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Author’s note: The Greek word “pneuma” is translated in our language to mean “air, wind, breath, spirit”; so when reading this poem remember this for a clearer understanding.

I Watch The Wind

I watch the wind that stirs the cloud
That brushes brows and whispers peace.
I watch the wind that stirs the crowd
And find the moments of release.
Caressing hair of grey or brown-
A tattered shock or lonely crown
I see the ones who sway or bend
To coaxing pressures of the wind.
I feel the aftermath of storms,
I see the rain- the dew that falls
A prayer from in the Holy Halls.
I watch the rush- the wishful climb-
The heated gust in overtime.
The pleading breeze that longed to share
The bashful wind that wouldn’t dare,
The wind of Faith, the wind of Doubt,
The wind of Pain, the wind of shout,
The wind of tear, the wind of song,
the wind of shame, the wind of wrong.
I watch the wind, I feel the wind,
I know the wind is ever near
And as a slave most disciplined
I bow in servitude and hear
The whispered peace or bellowed strain
That lifts a soul or causes pain,
And from inside my silent shroud
I watch the wind that stirs the cloud.

I watch the wind that stirred the cloud-
That killed, destroyed and robbed the crowd-
That filled the minds with fleshly ease-
Who willed to sway within the breeze.
From in my dark and callow shroud
I watched the winds that brushed the crowed
And lifted up to vanity
Their name and true identity.
I watched the sway- emotions stirred-
And longed to touch the minds interred
But held obscure by host and crowd
I lay inept within my shroud.
A woeful soul and helpless slave
held bound inside a callow grave
To see all hope to touch the crowd
Consume away inside a shroud.
Brings much distress and lack of ease,
Invites the grip of vanities,
Lays pain and trouble at the door
Which binds entombment even more.
To find escape and turn the key
We look to faith our victory
And overcome the earthly crowd-
Become a part of heaven’s cloud.
We then can see the righteous norm
Reveals in truth the body’s form
And not alone we stand to fight
Against the forces of the night.
For to us all are gifts bestowed
And hand in hand we share the load.
Then all together, free of shroud,
We reach and touch the raging crowd!

……………………Rodney Roberts

July 25, 2010


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How I long to see the splendor of your face
But from carnal minds you’re hiding
And with fools there’s no confiding
Woe is me,
Shall I never cease, expecting your embrace

In the bounds of understanding you will stay
With your sister Peace beside you
And with Gentleness to hide you
You avoid the mass confusion of our day.

With the signs that time has scattered one should see
That mankind is so uncaring
And his sin is overbearing
Seems to me
That this hope to unify will never be.

Just to know the well of wisdom that you give
With each step in your direction
There could be a resurrection
Then in clouds of sweetest grandeur we could live .

……………………………..Rodney Roberts

June 28, 2010

How Brief the Light, The Flame

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For shame, For shame;
How brief the light, the flame,
The hope,
The look into the visions scope,

What quick despair
And scenes that overbear;
One word
That quenched the spark, then life interred.

But why, o why,
A soul sends out the cry,
Be born,
Then cast into a state forlorn?

The message here
Rings loud and crystal clear,
Come, come,
My easy yoke’s not wearisome;

But then to find
A load upon the mind,
A tone
That holy spirits won’t condone.

With brothers, bear,
And with fondest care,
The lips that fail to edify.

With faith, embrace,
Give hope a forward place
And pray
Let love then have it’s perfect way.

……………………..Rodney Roberts

May 21, 2010

Faith to Faith

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A faith in God is barren land
Unless upon God’s faith we stand.
A faith will get you to the door
THE Faith will open doors galore.

A faith is hope yet unfulfilled,
THE Faith is hope that’s tried and sealed.
A faith will lay you down to sleep
THE Faith will take your soul to keep.

A faith will cry in times of need
THE Faith is as a mustard seed.
A faith will pray and never stop
THE Faith will move a mountaintop.

A sinner’s knees a faith will bend
THE Faith will save unto the end.
A faith will speak, a voice is heard
THE Faith replies, “It’s in the Word.”

A faith will seeks the savior’s face
THE Faith reveals Amazing Grace.
Where ever then a faith may roam
THE Faith will say “My child you’re home.”

……………………………..Rodney Roberts

May 7, 2010

Imperfection of Kind

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O Christian hear and lend an ear
Whose rules are you extolling
Your present fate has come of late
Because of who’s controlling.

God’s will for you is straight and true
And written for your learning
Your blank excuse is worn with use
For lack of zeal and yearning.

You victimize and then disguise
Compassion that you’re feigning
Then brothers weep because down deep
From love you are abstaining.

God’s perfect will is vital still
For sons to act as brothers
But yet we find this Holy kind
Seems worse than all others.

What light has shined into the mind
To cause all this disruption
A carnal shape has caused this gape
And now is near eruption.

A selfish creed, a hopeless greed
A man whose cross is missing
Has in his heart become a part
Of that which he is kissing.

And then the shame for all this blame
Is when we see the others
Show greater care when loads we bear
Than those we call our brothers.

Let’s meditate before too late
On how to cure this question
It won’t take long to find the wrong
For God gives the suggestion:

Come out, come out from those in doubt
And live by faith’s dominion
Let love abide down deep inside
And not your vain opinion.

Treat brother’s zone as though your own
And help him when he’s caring
Then when you’re down he’s still around
To help you with your bearing.

We all are one within the Son
And bound to Him eternal
If here we share, with others bear
We’ll see a land supernal.

———-Rodney Roberts

February 4, 2010

I Owe You

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I owe you,

For the things you now have done

I owe you,

For the vict’ry that you won.

You gave life,

Made it free for everyone.

Lasting life,

I can now be classed a son.

Blessed King,

Make me worthy of your name.

Holy King,

Take away all earthly shame.

Make me whole,

Wholly Holy in thy will.

Fully whole,

Make it something I can feel.

Take my praise,

I now give it from my heart.

Simple praise,

Let it be an early start.

To repay

For things I know you’ve done.

For no pay

Since you came here as the Son.

I owe you,

Without a chance to repay.

I know You

Still can hear me when I say,

“I love you,

Help me try to do my best

To give you,

All my will which I arrest.”

———-Rodney Roberts