January 8, 2015

Better is the end of a thing…

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Ecclesiastes 7:8, “Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof: and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit.”

In a day and age when start-ups, innovation and creativity is heralded as something to be noticed, the Word of God says that the start of something is not that impressive compared to its conclusion.  Many times we see things have such bright and promising beginnings but when all is said and done we often see them fall and fail and become corrupted (not necessarily in that order).  We look at the results or aftermath and just say, “How sad.”

This can be seen in so many characters in the bible, especially in the lives of the kings of Israel.  King Saul, King Solomon, King Hezekiah, etc., etc.  This scripture associates this condition with pride.  See, pride says that starting something is being successful but humility says lets be patient, lets see what the results and conclusion is.  There is a lot of falls between the beginning and the end.  Some falls are so catastrophic that there is no recovery.  It may be better to have a soft start and a slow growth than a rocket’s ascent, a firework’s flash, dazzle and splendor, burn out and fall.  It is far better to have a patient, humble, consistent and enduring move to an honorable end.  That is a far different burning light to shine before men.  A light that glorifies your Father in heaven.


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