September 26, 2010

His All, His Most, His Best

Posted in Poetry tagged at 7:53 am by tclickenger

One day the world I gazed upon
Were living life as Kings
My heart was set to own anon
A portion of their things.

They seemed to have God’s blessings when
I struggled meagerly
I whispered to my soul within
“How vain my life must be.”

A thus my heart was grieved to tears
My feet were almost gone.
My calculated worth drew fears
That grew very strong.

And then I heard a trumpet sound
The voice of Gospels ring-
My spirit lifted from the ground
My heart began to sing.

My feet were straightened on the path
The light was bright again
Refreshing times replaced the wrath
Like sun replaces rain.

I studied long, I sought God’s face
The Truth I should defend
I went into His Holy place
Then understood their end.

Their ways of lust and calloused greed
And hearts of selfish pride
Will lead their souls to where they feed
And leave unsatisfied.

Destruction lies before their door
Their lives a carousel
The ways of darkness they implore
Will lead to burning hell.

But God’s the strength of heart & soul
When failure looms so near
He’s a faithful guide when in control
He’s patient and so dear.

So now when looking at the world
I’m humbled in my place
For God my Father has unfurled
The wisdom of His grace.

And I can stand so thankfully
With inner peace and rest
And know for sure God’s given me
His all, His most, His best.

………………………Rodney Roberts


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