June 28, 2010

How Brief the Light, The Flame

Posted in Poetry at 9:47 pm by tclickenger

For shame, For shame;
How brief the light, the flame,
The hope,
The look into the visions scope,

What quick despair
And scenes that overbear;
One word
That quenched the spark, then life interred.

But why, o why,
A soul sends out the cry,
Be born,
Then cast into a state forlorn?

The message here
Rings loud and crystal clear,
Come, come,
My easy yoke’s not wearisome;

But then to find
A load upon the mind,
A tone
That holy spirits won’t condone.

With brothers, bear,
And with fondest care,
The lips that fail to edify.

With faith, embrace,
Give hope a forward place
And pray
Let love then have it’s perfect way.

……………………..Rodney Roberts