May 21, 2010

Faith to Faith

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A faith in God is barren land
Unless upon God’s faith we stand.
A faith will get you to the door
THE Faith will open doors galore.

A faith is hope yet unfulfilled,
THE Faith is hope that’s tried and sealed.
A faith will lay you down to sleep
THE Faith will take your soul to keep.

A faith will cry in times of need
THE Faith is as a mustard seed.
A faith will pray and never stop
THE Faith will move a mountaintop.

A sinner’s knees a faith will bend
THE Faith will save unto the end.
A faith will speak, a voice is heard
THE Faith replies, “It’s in the Word.”

A faith will seeks the savior’s face
THE Faith reveals Amazing Grace.
Where ever then a faith may roam
THE Faith will say “My child you’re home.”

……………………………..Rodney Roberts



  1. Jingle said,

    24 hours to vote for 15 of your favorite poets,
    many thanks!

    u rock!

    poets are not limited to the lists,
    please feel free to vote any poets you know who deserve to win…

  2. gianmarie said,

    Beautiful and inspiring. Hope you don’t mind if I borrow to comment further!

    • tclickenger said,

      I’m glad you like it. Don’t mind at all if you borrow. There are 4 other poems that I feel are beautiful also, in my “poetry” catagory.

  3. tldoan said,

    This was very moving. As a firm believer I thank you for spreading the faith in such an awesome way!

  4. Roving Heart said,

    Cool poem!

    God bless.

  5. waluiv said,

    God Bless!!!!

    Marvellous poem.Fatih do that ‘n’ much more,my dear

  6. May all of your spiritual endeavours be successful. I like your work.

  7. SAOK said,

    Reblogged this on My Blog.

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