May 7, 2010

Imperfection of Kind

Posted in Poetry tagged , at 2:12 pm by tclickenger

O Christian hear and lend an ear
Whose rules are you extolling
Your present fate has come of late
Because of who’s controlling.

God’s will for you is straight and true
And written for your learning
Your blank excuse is worn with use
For lack of zeal and yearning.

You victimize and then disguise
Compassion that you’re feigning
Then brothers weep because down deep
From love you are abstaining.

God’s perfect will is vital still
For sons to act as brothers
But yet we find this Holy kind
Seems worse than all others.

What light has shined into the mind
To cause all this disruption
A carnal shape has caused this gape
And now is near eruption.

A selfish creed, a hopeless greed
A man whose cross is missing
Has in his heart become a part
Of that which he is kissing.

And then the shame for all this blame
Is when we see the others
Show greater care when loads we bear
Than those we call our brothers.

Let’s meditate before too late
On how to cure this question
It won’t take long to find the wrong
For God gives the suggestion:

Come out, come out from those in doubt
And live by faith’s dominion
Let love abide down deep inside
And not your vain opinion.

Treat brother’s zone as though your own
And help him when he’s caring
Then when you’re down he’s still around
To help you with your bearing.

We all are one within the Son
And bound to Him eternal
If here we share, with others bear
We’ll see a land supernal.

———-Rodney Roberts


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