May 4, 2010

Your Value to God

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To God your value is not defined by your past. If you have been a user, an alcoholic, an abuser, you have no less value to God. Your value is not define by your looks. Your value is not defined by your job, how many friends you have, how good looking you are or are not or your weight.

If I took a hundred dollar bill from your wallet and stomped it into the mud, would you want it back? If I wadded it up, would you still want it back? If I took it to the nearest pig farm and threw it in with the pigs and then retrieved it, would you not take it back, wash it and put it back in your wallet, your treasury?

Most people have heard the story of the prodigal son but you may have not consider one aspect of the story. I had never considered this aspect until it came to mind today. The son ends up tending pigs in poverty at the end of his reckless living. If you have ever been around pigs you know they stink. No, I mean they really stink. It is a smell that lingers. If you work with these animals the smell gets in your clothes. Even when you wash your clothes the smell is still so noticeable that you wouldn’t want to wear the clothes in public. When the prodigal son returned to his father, do you think his father noticed the smell of pigs on his son?

We know he was living in poverty, so he probably didn’t have a pair of “nice” clothes to change into before he went to see his father. He was probably still wearing the clothes he wore to tend the pig and worse yet, he probably was not able to wash them well before going to see dad. I will be bold enough to say that his father did smell the filth of pig on his son and chose to embrace him anyway. Not only did he chose to embrace him he chose to place the clothes and jewelry of his authority upon him over the son’s clothes of filth. That is how much he valued his son. The son’s value was not defined by his past (where he had been) or his present (how he appeared and smelled), the father valued him simply because he was his son.

Thank God for the infinite value I have with Him.


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