February 25, 2010

Desires of the Sinful Nature

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What are the desires of the sinful nature

spoke of in Galatians 5:16-26? These are desires and cravings of our human nature apart from God. While the world we live in has changed in many ways from the world that existed at the time man was created, the nature of man has not. He is self-gratifying, pleasure seeking, entertainment loving, rebellious of authority, desiring social attraction (popularity), and public applause. These are the desires of a heart that is not of God.

As we read his word, we grow in the knowledge of God’s will and are given the understanding through the Holy Spirit. With this knowledge and understanding we are able to recognize how the sinful nature tries to push us to act against His will. We can then choose to capture those desires, pick up our cross each day and nail those desires to it. We are not supposed to crucify these desires buffet style. Each and every one of them are to be put to death for the life in Christ to be fully effective. Any one of these desire left within will compete with the will of God and the work of the Spirit. If fact they will also compete with others to keep them to a spiritual achievement, blessing and divine favor that is equal to or less than our own. The one who considers himself less superior than others and works to make others superior to himself will be the greater. Words from Jesus himself! We are to complement, complete, lift up each other not to compete with, put down, or step on.

I pray, Lord, for your strength to be poured out into me that I may put those desires to death, that new desires may be renewed in my mind, my life sown into Your will and that Your will might be accomplished in my life. May I lift the ones around me high in Your name. I love you God, all your ways and beauty. Amen


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